Riding With Us

The Globe Derby Pony Club (GDPC) is located at the Globe Derby Equestrian Centre, where we share the grounds with the RDA. The Centre is open to all financial riding members of the Globe Derby Pony Club.

“What if I’m not a member of Globe Derby Pony Club”? You can find all the information you need to join Globe Derby Pony Club on the Membership page. Unaffiliated riders are not permitted or authorised to ride at or use any facilities at the Centre at any time.

Riders may only ride in the Pony Club sand arena (marked ‘2’ on the entry gate), the shared sand arena (marked ‘5’ on the entry gate), the shared grass jumping arena (marked ‘4’ on the entry gate), the shared grass arena (marked ‘6’ on the entry gate), and the shared grass lunge arena (marked ‘7’ on the entry gate).

Riders are not permitted at any time to use the RDA sand arena (marked ‘3’ on the entry gate), or the RDA indoor arena (known as arena ‘1’).

The Centre is available for riding at the following times:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday - 2pm - 8pm (daylight hours only)
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday - 8am - 8pm (daylight hours only)

Providing there are no other activities being held by the Globe Derby Pony Club, Metropolitan Zone Pony Club, Riding for the Disabled or any other organisation that has hired the Centre. These events will be displayed on the white board at the entrance to the Centre.

Members will not ride at the grounds outside of the above stated times. No more than 6 riders are permitted to ride in any one arena at the same time. No Pony Club member under 18 years may ride unsupervised at the Centre at any time. Adult supervision must be arranged prior to riding.

Horses can enter over the low white pole next to the main gate. VEHICLES MAY NOT ENTER. All manure from your horse must be removed and placed in the green bins provided prior to leaving the centre. This includes the arenas, tie up areas, float parking and any paths.

The horse tie up areas MUST be used appropriately. Horses must be tied at all times as these are tie up areas and not yards. Horses MUST NOT be hard tied, they MUST be tied using twine.

Your horses must be under your control at all times while at the Centre. Do not let your horse run free. All gates must be closed at all times.

Your Pony Club Attendance / Performance Card must be carried at all times and presented if requested. A photo on your phone of the front page with your name and secretaries signature is acceptable.