Notes For Parents

Pony Club needs adults to organise and administer its activities. Many parents have specialised knowledge of horses and riding. But for the less horsey parent, there are many ways you can be of great assistance. Your own professional knowledge such as accountancy, carpentry, web design and so on, may be invaluable. So please offer your services.

How You Can Help

Make sure your child is on time for rallies. Remember, late comers may be requested to remain unmounted until the next session.

Be interested but never interrupt a lesson in progress. If you have a concern with the instruction, please speak to one of the Committee Members or put your concern in writing to be discussed at the next meeting.

Assist with games, groups and ground house-keeping. Please help set up equipment and carrying necessary items. Offer to be time keepers and Stewards. At completion of each rally please help put equipment away.

Don’t forget our canteen. Your help is often needed even if it’s only for a short time, this can give someone else a much needed break. The canteen is a major fundraiser for the Club.

Globe Derby Pony Club - Notes For Parents - Canteen

Globe Derby Pony Club - Notes For Parents - Canteen

Globe Derby Pony Club - Notes For Parents - Canteen

Dads & Mum’s can help with picking up rails and altering fences during lessons. This is essential as it helps instructors and pupils to continue with the lesson.

Please read the posts on the Globe Derby Pony Club Facebook Page so you are aware of what is going on, special rallies, visiting instructors, Zone Events and Competitions.

Please observe your child’s progress by listening to his/her instructor so that you can assist your child whilst away from Pony Club. This is very important as you can often remember things which your child may not. Your child needs to practice what he/she has learnt at Club.

Members under the age of 18 years MUST have a parent or guardian in attendance at GDPC events and rallies at all times, unless prior arrangements have been made. If details are not supplied to the event or rally organizers prior to starting your child may not be permitted to ride.

At least one parent/guardian of a rider under 18yrs MUST hold a minimum Non-Riding Membership of GDPC and be in attendance at all GDPC events and rallies at all times.