Metropolitan Zone Pony Clubs

Globe Derby Pony Club belongs to the Metropolitan Zone Pony Clubs which falls under the Pony Club Association of South Australia (PCASA). Together the Metropolitan Zone Clubs host coaching clinics, camps and events at various Pony Clubs within the Zone. These events include:

Dressage Day

Showjumping Day
Games Day

Zone Finals

Members for the Zone State Team are chosen from these events. Riders also gain points at these events that go towards individual and club trophies which are presented at the Zone Presentation & Fun Day at the end of each year.

Clubs In The Metropolitan Zone

Riding members are encouraged to represent Globe Derby Pony Club at the Metropolitan Zone and PCASA events throughout the year. Information about these events can be obtained from the Club Secretary or Zone Rep.

Globe Derby

Metro Zone - Globe Derby Pony Club

Black Hill

Metro Zone - Black Hill Pony Club

Kangaroo Island

Metro Zone - Kangaroo Island Pony Club

Northern Hills

Metro Zone - Northern Hills Pony Club


Metro Zone - Paracombe Pony Club


Metro Zone - Pegasus Pony Club


Metro Zone - Sunnybrae Pony Club

West Wind

Metro Zone - West Wind Pony Club


Metro Zone - Goolwa Pony Club

Pony Club Association South Australia

Pony Club Association South Australia (PCASA)

  • To encourage young people to ride and learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding.
  • Provide instruction in riding and horsemanship and to instil in members the proper care of their animals.
  • To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty. Thereby cultivation of strength of character and self-discipline in the members.

Please take the time to visit the PCASA Website, read the information, rules and policies, it is your responsibility to ensure you and your child/family become familiar with the information, rules and policies. If you have any questions, please seek clarification from a Club Committee Member by Contacting Us.