Membership Requirements

All riding members must obtain a Pony Club Attendance/Performance Card through the Club Secretary within 3 months of their first rally.

It is the rider’s responsibility to keep their Attendance/Performance Cards up to date.

Globe Derby PC upholds the “no card, no ride” Policy.

Members under the age of 18 years MUST have a parent or guardian in attendance at Globe Derby PC events and/or rallies at all times, unless prior arrangements have been made. If details are not supplied to the event and/or rally organizers prior to starting your child may not be permitted to ride.

At least one parent/guardian of a rider under 18yrs MUST hold a minimum Non-Riding Membership of Globe Derby PC and be in attendance at all Globe Derby PC events and/or rallies at all times.

ALL Members and Volunteers (and in the case of those under the age of 12 years, at least one parent or guardian) MUST complete the Play by the Rules online training program in Child Protection and Harassment & Discrimination every 2 years. A copy of the Certificate of Completion is to be provided to the Secretary.

All Members and Volunteers MUST ensure their Play by the Rules training is current and updated when it falls due to retain membership. The Club requires a parent or guardian to undertake the training with members under the age of 15 years to ensure they have understood the training and to answer any questions.

It is a requirement that all private instructors and/or horse trainers have current public liability insurance (proof of this is required to be provided to the committee) before any private lessons/riding/horse training commence at the centre outside of scheduled rally times.